What window films and tints do:

Enhance Visibility and Control Glare: Specially designed for low reflectivity, many films offered by Davis Window Film and Tint help enhance a natural view and can significantly reduce both day and nighttime glare.

Protect Against Fading: Davis Window Film and Tint effectively helps reduce fading by blocking 99% of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. This helps protect valuable items including store merchandise furniture, flooring and window treatments.

Safety: Davis Window Film and Tint can help hold shattered glass together, preventing injury in the case of an accident or break-in.

Stylish Alternative to Window Treatments: Unlike some of the more traditional window treatment such as blinds or screens, Davis Window Film and Tint offers privacy and increased comfort in your home without altering your view. Several of the films in Davis Film and Tint’s product line can also help enhance the look of any residential or commercial building.

Save Money: Excessive solar heat passing through your windows can account for a significant portion of your summer cooling bill. Davis Window Film and Tint aids in energy savings by cutting heat gain, reducing hot spots and increasing overall comfort in your home or office building.